Gay & Questioning


Support for Figuring Out Who You Are

Many gay and questioning men and women live with sadness, fear, loneliness, and shame, fed by messages that they are somehow "disordered" or damaged because they are (or might be) gay. It's not okay just to be themselves.

I understand this journey, because it has been mine, too. It may well be the path for your own hero's journey to wholeness.

While the needle has moved toward much greater acceptance in recent years, individuals may still find themselves living in and/or strongly shaped by unwelcoming families, churches, schools, work environments, and communities. The constant drumbeat of non-acceptance over the years can have a profound effect on a person’s ability to relax into who they are.

Whether you're still in the closet, or have been out for years and are still dealing with the lingering effects, I can help you to create more comfort and alignment between your inner and outer worlds. 

In my book, there's no "right" way to be gay.  Come as you are. I welcome anyone on the LGBTQ+ spectrum who resonates with the path I describe. And there’s no shame and no pressure. This is your journey, on your timeline.

The warmth and deep thinking that Chris brings to a session really help me feel not only held and seen, but also liberated from my destructive, fear-based thoughts. I trust Chris immensely to hold my hand through the scary parts, and jump for joy on the sunny side.
— A.L., California