Come Home to Yourself for the Holidays


Let’s face it, the holidays can be rough.

The season of light can generate a lot of heat and noise, too. It can become a steady onslaught upon our collective senses, checkbooks, blood pressure, social calendars, work deadlines, waistlines, and buried childhood trauma. 

Throughout the season, I’m sharing some thoughts and tips and quotes and videos on the StillPoint Facebook page to help you tune into and touch base with your own still point--that calm, compassionate, centered core of beautiful You-ness underneath all the noise and tumult.

You can click on individual links below to reach specific posts. While you’re there, if you click the Like button for the StillPoint Facebook page, new posts should automatically show up in your own Facebook feed. Or you can come back here to find them.

To borrow a line from St. Peter: Silver and gold I have nonebut what I have, I will give you.