Just B R E A T H E

Not long ago, on my Facebook page, I suggested that you find some "magic"—a touchstone or other symbolic / talismanic object to tuck into your pocket or purse. (You can see that original post here.) However, there’s one talisman that you’ve *always* got with you, and that’s your breath. 

Breathing is an amazing process that is at once deeply internal and also in exquisite, dynamic relationship with our external environment. We spend most of our time completely unaware of it, and yet if we stop doing it for even a few minutes, our physical organism goes into critical distress and can cease functioning.

Now, I’m not a yogi or a regular meditator. I don’t have a special breathing pattern or practice to pass along, besides this very simple instruction: notice it. Just notice it. When your mind starts to spin, take a moment and become aware of your breath. 

Your breathing pattern at any particular moment is intricately tied to what’s happening inside of you, and you can’t become aware of your breath without slowing down and tuning in.

Once you have the rhythm, then look for the feeling/mood behind it. And do some gentle inquiry around it. I guarantee that you will become more centered and still in the process.