Find Yourself Some Magic

This weekend, find some magic. Look for a touchstone, a talisman, or charm that you can carry with you. Something that feels good in your hand and reassuring to touch. Something that has special meaning for you.

Breathe into it, pray over it, or just hold it silently and set an intention for it. Connect it to the calm centeredness that you want to feel (or whatever it is that you're after).

Carry it in your pocket, or around your neck, or in your purse or backpack. Keep it close so that you can reach for it when you need it, or come across it at odd times as a reminder.

I once gave a coaching client a smooth, heart-shaped stone to carry with him. When our work together was wrapping up, he mentioned how helpful that had been for him. Whenever the distressful old patterns started coming on, he would reach into his pocket, gently touch the stone, and slooooow the f********k down (his words). From that place, he was better able to choose a new response, rather than just react according to his old scripts.

Portable magic rocks! And portable magic rocks especially rock. (See what I did there?) ;-)

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