Make Room for All of You

That nagging sense of self-alienation, discomfort, and anxiety? Is it because you're still waiting for the perfect version of yourself to show up? AND THEN EVERYTHING WILL BE GREAT.

This whole trip is doomed if it’s dependent on you always showing up perfectly and doing the perfect things in the perfect way at the perfect time. Never gonna happen.

So, put on your comfy pants with the elastic waistband and settle in, just as you are. Make it a big cozy recliner with room for ALL of you to stretch out in. Including the messy, unfinished, uncurated, nacho-cheese-powdered parts of yourself. 

Because if there’s room in there for all that, there’s room also for grace and love and compassion and generosity. 

(Which you will also do imperfectly. And that’s perfectly okay.)